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Hi, i like vidya games and stuffs.

NES: Stamp by JazzaXSnes: Stamp by JazzaXN64: Stamp by JazzaXGameCube: Stamp by JazzaXWii: Stamp by JazzaXWii U Owner Stamp by spdy4PS3: Stamp by JazzaXPlayStation 4 Stamp by ZacAvalancheSega Genesis: Stamp by JazzaXDreamCast: Stamp by JazzaXGameBoy: Stamp by JazzaX  GameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaXGameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaXNintendo Ds: Stamp by JazzaXPolar DS Luff by rosychanDSi Stamp by HybridAir3DS Stamp by HybridAirI Am A PC Gamer Stamp by TheHellboundAtheist

Super Smash Bros:
SSBM: Luigi User by just-stampsSSBM: Captain Falcon User by just-stampsSSBM: Ness User by just-stampsSSBM: Jigglypuff by just-stampsSSBM: Link by just-stampsSSBM: Pichu User by just-stampsSSBM: Ganondorf by just-stampsSSBM: Falco by just-stampsSSBM: Mewtwo User by just-stampsSSBM: Roy User by just-stampsSSBM: Dr Mario by just-stampsSSBM: Ice Climbers by just-stampsSSBM: Zelda User by just-stampsLucas Stamp by yukidarkfanIke Stamp by yukidarkfanKing Dedede by yukidarkfanWario Stamp by yukidarkfanSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Rosalina by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Palutena by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Lucina by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Villager by KevfinSSB Mega Man Stamp by ReallyGouda

Street Fighter:
M Bison Stamp 2 by NowellsStampsKen Stamp by SamThePenetratorHan Juri Stamp by Zaira-KaranfilCammy White Stamp by AylissoLAkuma Stamp by SamThePenetrator

Marvel VS Capcom:
Megaman Zero Stamp by deppViewtiful Joe by lycanthropefulDMC Dante stamp by uchiha-itachi111Wolverine Stamp by KeliiCaptain America Shield Stamp by SuperFlash1980

Law from Tekken stamp by greninji-girlC.H.L.O.E-Stamp!! by DadoOoSweeTTekken 6 Xiaoyu Ling Stamp by AleXielBrando

Mortal Kombat: 
Scorpion by Scorpion-MKXSub-Zero stamp by WhiteDevil350

Phantom Breaker:
Makise Kurisu Stamp by Kanra-san

TH2 - Konomi stamp by KuRumi-FlameSamurai and Ma-Ryan as my partner, someone make a stamp of her pls! D:

  • Listening to: Video Game OSTs
  • Reading: Mango
  • Watching: Lilpri
  • Playing: Drakengard 3
  • Eating: Sweets
  • Drinking: Coke.


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Joakim Skjerpingstad
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello, welcome to my DeviantArt. Do enjoy what little you'll find.

I play video games on a daily basis, i like music, art, animation, anime, manga, cosplay and a lot more whitin that category. My favorite video game character is Lip.

I bite.

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TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
How's "A Crying Flower"?
I really don't want it to be late. It's gotta be done before Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. The fate of Puzzle League's future still lies in your hands.
Tommypezmaster Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
Can you do a Palette swap for Mermaid from Starfy?
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015
Since you're supporting for Lip, and since that she is your favorite character, do you take requests?
PichuThePokemon Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I apologize for the late reply, as a lot has been keeping me busy recently. I don't currently take requests because i don't have the right equipment yet. But you can still tell me your request and i'll consider it.
TheWolfBunny Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
This is called "A Crying Flower", based on why people should vote for Lip at the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. This is going to be a tearjerker.

Lip is all alone in a room that was originally supposed to be a 20th birthday party since Puzzle League turns 20 on October 27th, 2015, but since that no one knows or plays the Panel de Pon / Puzzle League games anymore, nobody came to show up. Her birthday treat was originally supposed to be a cake, but due to the poor sellings of Planet Puzzle League for Nintendo DS, all she got was a cupcake with a candle on top. Lip, feeling lonely said: "I can't believe nobody showed up to my birthday party. Well, at least I have a cupcake to cheer myself up..." But before she could blow out the candle, the candle burns out by itself.

Lip begins to cry as tears start dwelling down her cheeks while tearfully speaking: "This... this is it... it's all over for me. Nintendo doesn't want to make any new installments of my games, and... they don't even care about me or remember me anymore! All they do is take away my flower wand... they use my theme song... and Kirby even takes my garbage block away for one of his stone transformations... I'm just a nobody... A NOBODY!!!!!!!" As Lip lets out tears of sadness and unrecognizability for a while, two shadows come in to support Lip, which makes Lip stop crying and see who was there. It's Yoshi and Pikachu, for they both had versions of Puzzle League. Yoshi has Lip's Stick. Pikachu said: "We've heard everything what you've said, and that's not true." Yoshi gives Lip her wand so she can be supported while saying "Anything's possible unless you give up. It's always helpful to have support Lip." Pikachu speaks "We want you to have faith, Lip, Fairy of Flowers".

Lip smiles enough to hug Yoshi and Pikachu saying "Thank you guys."

The comic ends with a happy Lip holding her wand up high with the #Lip4Smash hashtag and the official US link to the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot.

Will you do it?
PichuThePokemon Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Great script, though i've always thought of Lip wanting to get revenge on Yoshi and Pikachu for stealing her spotlight. xD

I'll definitely consider this.
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wolfyloveanime Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014

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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously

ElectroJolt67 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave
Marte-Chan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Thanks for the watch :3
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